Ms. Meech and Mrs. Revalee's Classrooms

Welcome to our First Grade Cubero Elementary webpage.

To help ease the anxiety that you and your family may be having, we will be posting videos that coincide with the lessons/worksheet pages that are posted on the calendar. The calendar has been sent home in the academic packet and also posted as a file at the bottom of this webpage. Additional videos will be included as enrichment for your child. These extra videos include read alouds and short clips for social & emotional lessons that we would have been studying and discussing in class.

To access these videos please scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click on the desired subject to find the lesson needed for each day. The link provides access to the essentials for each lesson; the instructions for the assignment, the lesson video, and the workbook pages.

Of course if you have additional questions or concerns please contact us through our Cubero Elementary First Grade Facebook page, cell phones, or our school email. See the newsletter that went home for our personal information.

Cubero Elementary is available for WiFi use. The following gives some information about how to use the internet that is being provided.

  • GCCSSecure - used for district-owned laptops. District laptops will connect automatically to this signal.
  • ParkLot-WiFi - this signal is intended for general for the public. The password is GCCSwifi.
  • GCCSChrome - used for district-owned Chromebooks. District Chromebooks will connect automatically to this signal.

Remember to practice safe browsing and follow ALL district rules and regulations while on the schools internet.

Click on the Subject Link(s) below to access the Daily Lessons from our Google Classrooms

CKLA Skills (Kitty Book)

CKLA Listening & Learning


Can’t access Google Classroom.

Click on the Monthly Calendar below. The calendar days have the assignments due (Skills, Listening & Learning, and Eureka) with the hyperlinks to the specific video lessons.

August Calendar

September Calendar

October Calendar