Synergy Trainers

As you may know, Grants Cibola County Schools is in the process of transitioning from PowerSchool SIS to Synergy Student Information Systems and on April 5th through April 7th, we had our first onsite Training for Trainers where our Instructional Coaches got hands on training with Grade Book, Assessments and the MTSS platforms.  

It was 3 days of intense and in depth learning for everyone and I'm happy to say that everyone did a fantastic job and are very excited to share the knowledge they gained with their teams back at their schools!  

Pictured are Left to right - Jackie Giehm - Synergy Grade Book Instructor, Katie Shaw - Synergy Assessments Instructor, Shana Myers - Synergy MTSS Instructor.  Also pictured are  GCCS staff, Mindy Thayer -  Mt. Taylor,  Sally Gallegos - GHS, Edwina Trujillo - LAJrHS & LAHS, Sheena Meech - LAMS, Steve Brown - SIS Specialist, Patty Black - Teacher Mentor, Kari Ballew - CUB & SEB, Amy Cameron - Mesa View, Teresa Butcher - GHS, Amanda Valdez - Bluewater & San Rafael, Miranda Barajas - Milan and Tricia Garcia - LAMS.   Not pictured are Patricia Garcia - District Outreach & Rana Sanchez - Director of Academics.

We would like to thank our Synergy Trainers for such a great session and we all look forward to the future and a great partnership with Synergy SIS!