Daniel Vandever

On April 22, Mesa View Elementary Alumni and Author Children's Books, Daniel Vandever, was a guest of the district and was invited to share his story about how he became a published author and to let our students know that anything is possible if they just follow their dreams.  

Daniel is a member of the Navajo Nation and shared his family story.  He talked about his Grandfather, who was a Code Talker during WWII, and how even a rambunctious, rowdy kid who was always getting into trouble could grow up and discover a love for writing and a desire to be inspirational to others.   

Vandever spoke to the Freshman English students at GHS and later in the day went to speak to the students at his Elementary Alma Mater, Mesa View Elementary.   He read both of his books to the students and they really enjoyed Daniels Presentation and asked tons of questions.  We would like to thank Daniel for taking the time to come out and visit with our kids and we hope to see some of our current students one day become published authors as well.

You can learn more about Daniel or purchase his books, "Fall In Line, Holden" and "Herizon" here:


Or check out his FB page here.