Speed stacking or cup stacking is an individual sport where students compete to beat their time. Today was an exciting day because the students came to Milan Elementary to compete against one another by grade level. The following schools participated were Mesa View, Mt. Taylor, Milan, Seboyeta, Cubero, San Rafael, and Bluewater. There were 5 students from every grade level that represented themselves at the tournament. Each student performed "The cycle" which starts with the 3-6-3, 6-6, 1-10-1 and ends in the 3-6-3. 

The students were anxious, stressed, excited, and nervous. Overall, all the students had a wonderful time and tried their very best to win but only three students placed first, second, and third in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. 

The importance of this game forces kids to cross their midline with their hands and eyes, which uses their right and left brain. All you see is super fast hands and quick reaction time! Awesome job to everyone who participated in the cup stacking tournament, see you next year. 

Winners of the Cup Stacking Tournament 2022

 Individual Results

 Elementary School - 4th grade

  • First: Clarence Montano, Mt. Taylor Elementary

  • Second: Jaymila Poncho, Mt. Taylor Elementary

  • Third: Tristan Hernandez, Bluewater Elementary

Elementary School - 5th grade

  • First: Averi Elkins, Mt. Taylor Elementary

  • Second: Kyla Wauneka, Mt. Taylor Elementary

  • Third: Payton Martinez, Milan Elementary

Elementary School - 6th grade

  • First: Eli Chavez, Mesa View Elementary

  • Second: Ximena Solis, Mt. Taylor Elementary

  • Third: Sabastian Griego, Mt. Taylor Elementary